*** Film rights to the books sold! ***


BOOK 1: "Motylek" ("The Butterfly")

ISBN: 978-83-7839-695-6
Release Date: 6th of February 2014
Format: 125mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 608

On a frosty winter morning on the outskirts of the village a body of a nun is found. Initially, it seems that the woman was hit by a car. However, it soon becomes clear that someone killed her and then faked an accident. A few days later, another person is killed. The two victims do not seem to be in any way related to each other. A race against the clock begins. The police must find the killer before another woman dies.

The investigation reveals dark secrets from the nun’s past and uncovers greater or lesser sins of the residents of the apparently quiet and idyllic village.

Foreign rights sold to: Lithuania (Gimtasis Zodis UAB), Germany (DTV), Austria (DTV), Switzerland (DTV), Spain and Latin America (Maeva Ediciones), Czech Republic (XYZ)

BOOK 2: “Więcej czerwieni” ("More Red")

ISBN: 978-83-7961-027-3

Release Date: 4th of September 2014

Format: 125mm x 195mm

Number of pages: 560

Summer in Lipowo is in full swing. Harvest on the fields begins and the apples ripen in the orchards. Police officer Daniel Podgorski feels that he is in the best moment of his life. Meanwhile, in the vicinity of quiet Lipowo two young women are killed. The perpetrator brutally mutilated their bodies. Criminal police from the town of Brodnica suspects that the two murders might be the work of a serial killer.

Daniel Podgorski joins the investigative team led by the controversial Commissioner Clementine Kopp. The Police team is trying to find common points between the two victims and create a profile of the killer.

The lack of progress in the investigation coincides with troubles in the private life of Podgorski. Will he manage to discover what the real purpose of the murderer is? Will he do that in time to prevent the death of another woman?

Foreign rights sold to: Germany (DTV), Austria (DTV), Switzerland (DTV), Spain and Latin America (Maeva Ediciones)

BOOK 3: “Trzydziesta pierwsza” ("The thirty-first")

ISBN: 978-83-7961-161-4

Release Date: 24th February 2015

Format: 125mm x 195mm

Number of pages: 560

Lipowo is preparing for Christmas. Houses are decorated with colourful lights. Everything smells of pine needles, and in the brick church carols are sung loudly. Only one thing disturbs the peace of the village: in a few days the murderer will return to Lipowo. For fifteen long years no one in the village has ever pronounced his name. Daniel Podgorski has a special reason to hate the notorious man. It was he who caused the fire in which Podgorski’s father heroically died.

As if that alone was not enough, mysterious siblings come to Lipowo and for some reason threaten one of the residents. Podgorski is trying to keep the situation under control. He does not expect, however, that on the day before Christmas Eve deadly fire will burst into flames once again. Who will die this time? Do the events from the past have something to do with the current fire? The matters are further complicated by a mysterious find in an abandoned forest settlement once inhabited by a sect, whose members committed mass suicide.

BOOK 4 – „Z jednym wyjątkiem” („With One Exception”)

ISBN: 978-83-8069-016-5

Release date: 16th of June 2015
Format: 125mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 744

Spring is taking over the world. Chestnut trees are blooming and the fields are green with rustling corn. With this encouraging aura Daniel Podgorski is planning to change his life and finally propose to Veronica.

Meanwhile in the nearby village a florist dies. She is rather aged so initially her death doesn’t seem suspicious at all. For some reason, however, the paramedic from the ambulance summoned by the neighbour of the deceased, insists on calling the police immediately. It soon becomes clear that she was right and the elderly florist was indeed killed.

Podgorski and Commissioner Clementine Kopp face another difficult task. Who would bear malice to a lonely old lady? Why did they tattoo a strange undecipherable inscription on her chest? And how is that all connected with a story of a young couple from a hundred and sixty years ago?

BOOK 5 - "Utopce"

ISBN: 978-83-8069-164-3

Release date: 3rd of November 2015

Format: 125mm x 195mm

Number of pages: 600

The inhabitants of the remote village of Utopce will forever remember the scorching summer of 1984. It was then when two people fell victim to a bloodthirsty vampire. In the middle of the vast forest seemingly inhabited by wild spirits it is easy to believe in the supernatural. But are the violent deaths really the work of a vampire? Or maybe one of the villagers had their reason to kill?

Thirty years later, Daniel Podgorski and the controversial Clementine Kopp have to solve the old mystery. The turmoil in their private lives make it difficult for the investigators to discover the truth. Will they find the murderer? Or maybe they will just wake the lurking vampire up and nothing will be able to stop the oncoming evil?

BOOK 6 – „Łaskun”

ISBN: 978-83-8069-357-9
Release date: 07.06.2016
Format: 125mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 832

A horrible finding is discovered in the house of an unemployed judge. The perpetrator has created a gruesome figure consisting of dismembered bodies of the lawyer and an unknown woman. It soon turns out that there is a piece of evidence on the crime scene that incriminates Daniel Podgórksi. When the investigative team finds out who the second victim is, the situation becomes even more difficult for Podgórski.

Is Daniel behind the double homicide? Or maybe somebody from the police headquarters is trying to frame him? But if he is innocent, why does he run?

BOOK 7 - "Dom czwarty" ("The Fourth House")

ISBN: 978-83-8097-014-4
Release date: 8th November 2016
Format: 125mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 576

Clementine Kopp’s mother asked her to look into an old murder case so, after forty years of absence, the former police women decides to go back to her home village of Zlociny. On the way she disappears without a trace. The residents of Złocin all claim that she has never reached the village, but Daniel Podgorski soon discovers that it was not the case. Why is everybody lying? What has really happened to Clementine? Who paints mysterious graffiti of black gallows and who plants dead birds on the porches? How is all that connected with cruel execution held at lake Bachotek in October 1939?

BOOK 8 - "Czarne narcyzy" ("Black Daffodils")

ISBN: 978-83-8097-164-6

Release date: 13th of June 2017

Format: 125mm x 195mm

Number of pages: 640

July. Brodnica finds itself in the midst of preparations for the Police Day. However, Daniel Podgórski has no reason to be happy whatsoever. Some people are very anxious to make him forget about the death of three homeless men. A small pendulum was left by each of the dead bodies. A journalist suggests that Daniel look for the answers in an abandoned house hidden in a forest. The locals believe that this place is haunted by the devil himself. The journalist soon disappears without a trace. In the meantime Podgorski and the former commissioner Clementine Kopp find another body. What does it have to do with a disturbing message that Weronika Nowakowska receives from an unknown sender? Why does the petty thief die the same day he leaves prison? And what is the meaning of black daffodils?

BOOK 9 - "Nora"
ISBN: 978-83-8123-226-5
Release date: 17.04.2018
Format: 125mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 816

BOOK 10 - "Rodzanice"
ISBN: 978-83-8169-007-2
Planned release date: 29.01.2019
Format: 125mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 560